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It's Not The Tea That I Like



The kettle boils and I am happy for all in my life!

Perhaps this is why I like hot drinks so much... You have to wait for the kettle to boil.

The identification of a goal! The expectation of its betterment to your life and then the attainment of something simple and helpful for the future!

The tea will set you free!

The coffee will bring the end of your tiredness and give you the strength to go on!

But the KEY JOY is the waiting! I know this may sound hollow and it kicks up a host of rebellious thoughts against but please hear me out.

We believe that a thing or an experience will bring us satisfaction ...

but us humans are not good at satisfaction.

Anticipation is our strong suit… Hope is the best agent we ever made up for building incredible things.

So I get up and the first thing that I do before I even pick up this pen… is wait.

Now of course, there is no romance in this idea. We rebel and rear our backs against being idle and expecting for the sake of it. It is not Buddhist and it is not brave! “im not just going to sit here and let things happen to me! I’m going to do something about it!” We say, "NO! I don’t need to wait. I will go forth!" Or "I will suspend my waiting and fully enjoy the moment that I am in! I will perform Tantra with my life and I will never get stuck in the Waiting Place."

But though decisive action and present moment attention we are really just quantifying the waiting periods! We are splitting them it into smaller sections so we don’t notice their existence. But that lull and rush of something about to happen, will give you a clear indication if you have been waiting or not. Test it out! Observe your patterns of thought, anticipation, attainment. This is the pattern of life and it called a Beat. In Theatre, we call this the Objective, Conflict and Event.

And this is okay! This is our nature. This is one of the most natural things about us humans… maybe one of the few natural things left.

We have always been dreamers. Our imaginations have always looked better than the real world outside. That is why we built and continue to build the world that we see around us… we were always unsatisfied with reality!

Human beings were not programmed to be endlessly content. - Not to say that we can’t – But happy humans are the exception as opposed to the rule.

The happy humans, with the eternally content genes, died of hunger thousands of years before. They saw no reason to strive past today and probably died in a state of bliss filled satisfaction. But they did not leave as many offspring as the unsatisfied!

We are the descendants of the SCRAPPERS and the DREAMERS and what we do it PLOT, SCEME, IMAGINE and...

wait for the kettle to boil.

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