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Andrew Kingsford-Smith: Director and Dramaturge


Andrew Kingsford-Smith is a passionate creative practitioner whose diverse theatre practice spans across many roles, including playwright, dramaturg, director, reviewer, musician, and producer. Andrew’s main creative drive in directing has focused on the intersection of storytelling and physicality, resulting in productions that explore the fusion of dance and Shakespeare (“The Madness of King Lear”– London’s Arts Theatre West End, 2012; and “Bewitching Macbeth”–Adelaide and Tokyo Fringe Festivals, 2014), as well as the multidisciplinary circus show, “In Search of Light”(Veghel Theater De Blauwe Kei, 2013).

Andrew graduated in 2011 from the University of Wollongong with a Bachelor of Creative Arts with distinction. In recent years Andrew has balanced his creative endeavours with a focus on education, working as a teacher and researcher in both high school and university settings. Andrew aspires to continue exploring creativity, education, and academia throughout his career in order to find new and exciting intersection possibilities.  

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