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Zoe Lohmann: Co-Creator & Artist


Zoe Lohmann is a chameleon of artistic endeavor. She is a painter, writer, prosthetics designer, gifted singer and a charismatic drag performer. Having studied sculpture, theatre, literature and critical theory at the Rhode Island School of Design, she finds magic and intrigue in the spaces between different ways of cultivating interdisciplinary collaboration.

In her studio she designs silicone body sculptures, surreal and uncanny extensions of the human form inspired by parasitic and symbiotic relationships in nature.

As a performer, Zoe has infiltrated the Berlin Drag and Genderfuck scene, creating beautiful and poignantly political performances.

From project to project, Zoe thrives from being thrown into the unknown. With each new challenge, she adapts, excels and transforms into the next form that her artistic expression takes.

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