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Frank Marshall:

Actor, Clown, Stage Manager

Frank is a multi-skilled high-functional freelance Artist raised on the streets of Germany, now searching world wide for beauty, inspiration and a way to transform these constantly.

The Artist
defining himself a Clown he moves through several art-forms as Circus theater , dance and visual arts. With exhibitions and performances in Germany France and Spain so far. His tools to express are the Cyr-wheel Chinese-pole contemporary Dance, Parkour, chair dance Acting lights and


The Technician
After learning event technician at the GOP variete Theater he also works as event-technician, stage- hand stage-manager, operator light designer in several projects from Idiom to Düsseldorffestival all kind of works

The Servant
Frank is also trained as a Cook which he learned working other 5 years in a cuisin or as professional fruit tree cutter or general gardening or as carpenter not to forget teaching circus arts parkour and theater to children.

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