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Now Departing is an outdoor acrobatic show that tells eclectic short stories from the carriage of a train. 


In a specially designed acrobatic train compartment, the actors perform incredible physical feats, each station they stop at becomes a new reality. The train relentlessly creates stranger and stranger realities for the characters as they are driven head-first into realms of limitless possibilities and perpetual surprise.

Stemming from the visceral monotony of everyday public transport, the show will take the audience on a journey into the fantastical and the absurd in the way that only Nouveau Cirque can. Train doors become carousels, handrails become high bars, and other passengers become climbing frames. The show wishes to inspire a sense of wonderment and imagining in our public spaces as well as celebrating the collaborative act of sharing a common space.


By re-imagining the mundane environment of the train carriage, we hope to inspire people to not only utilize public transport more often but to also relish the unique bonding experience of travelling at high speeds with a group of perfect strangers in a secluded metal compartment!


Is a train not a space where we can take a moment away from our busy lives and imagine how the world would look if our daydreams actually became real?





Caitlin Redding

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Artist and Opera Singer

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