We are a cutting-edge acrobatic theatre company specializing in modern day storytelling and the exploration of relevant social issues through stage craft.


The company's main focus is the creation and touring of high caliber stage shows, such as IDIOM. A Movement of Humans also engages with wider initiatives within the arts, technology and cultural sectors. It is a long-term project incorporating artistic mentoring, social humanitarian projects, professional education and cross-seeding between different sectors of the arts. A Movement of Humans will become a network of bridges between cultural and educational sectors, which we will construct and cultivate over the next decades. 

Right now, our research focus is around our growing reliance on artificial intelligence (AI). Our first show looks at how our developing relationship with this technology holds a mirror to our own humanity and exaggerated the flaws and strengths in our own collective consciousness. We speak about these issues on the stage but also through online forums and conferences where our founders are gifted at public speaking about these topics.

The company was founded by James Kingsford-Smith and Zoe Lohmann but has now expanding to include 20 dedicated artists and arts workers. James comes from a lifetime of acrobatic expression, working with the greatest and most beautiful circus companies in the world. Zoe is an expert in theatrical literature, a gilded actress and a master designer of stage and wearable prosthetics.  

Together this power duo has created a company that not only redefines the borders to where physical and verbal theatre meet but has found a way that the two highly established genres become even more entertaining, enjoyable and poignant in their union!



Email: AMovementOfHumans@gmail.com

Phone: +49 176 2485 7639