Tom Brand: Artist

Tom was born and raised in Hamburg. At the age on 15 he moved to Sweden for one year which have soon become 15 with Scandinavia as his base. He rediscovered his love for creating after a less inspiring time in the german school system through hand crafts, especially woodwork. Starting to become a carpenter he discovered and threw himself into circus to try something totally different for one year, that soon have become 10.


He believes live performance is a great place to experience something surreal in a real way and to share it with others in the now. Specialised in Vertical Rope and with a passion for movement he exists in the limbo of being suspended and pushing the floor with his long limbs simultaneously.


Tom graduated from DOCH ( University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm) in 2014 and founded Svalbard Company with three of his classmates. He toured the world with their first production “all genius all idiot” and has been collaborating and working with several other companies as a circusartist and dancer.