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HUMAN- rhythms

Everything has its rhythm. Everything has the exact vibrational frequency which makes it what it is.

This is String Theory (the best combinational theory we have for quantum physics and relativity.)

The vibration of tiny strings is what makes us exist in the exact form that we are.

Everything/everyone is a sequence of guitar strings playing our own private songs!

So what happens when harmonies combine? I used to think of combination as the smashing of atoms together but now I see it differently… it is much more delicate than that.

It is a dance!

I am in love with the realization that my experiential reality is actually aligned with my scientific research. We are just strings vibrating to different tunes. This is the background hum which sets the scene for all of the music that we hear all around us.

We are one giant orchestra of sounds and matter!

Of course there are limits and deadlines and requirements. These objects seem so unharmonious to our flow but in fact they are he vehicles that turn noise into tangible music!

You need is to allow the right composers in! They can help you make beautiful melodies with your life…

But where are these trustworthy composers to be found?

Above all, we must work to be our own composers.

Now composers don’t get to decide everything that goes into a piece. You have to work with the instruments that you have and there are also many other composers all around competing for 'airtime.'

You need to be very aware of the others when conducting your symphonies.

It is useful to block them out when you are first creating but if you want them to be heard, they have exist in the World.

They have to fit.

Now, this is the true genius part… how do you mix your body/mind tracks with all of the billions of songs that are playing simultaneously?

I’m afraid that most cannot and those that can, can only maintain it for short periods of catharsis. The conscious mind is simply not a powerful enough tool. It’s too simplistic.

It can't handle the algorithm. The rhythm is too complex for the identifiable self to manage… perhaps it is even too complex for the 'Collective Sub-conscious Mind' as well and that is why so many people find conflict and resistance in their lives.

Perhaps we all need help to be in Tune with the others around. Are we more in tune now than we were before technologies… before we started listening to devices running more powerful algorithms? Are people listening better? Is there evidence in the world that we are more in flow with each other?

Do you find more flow in the world?

I do.

We are currently living in a state of the highest human standards!

We have the less global war than ever in our history! We have less famine, even in our poorest countries and communities and we have the less violence in the streets (Please look it up if you don't believe me.)

I’m not sure if we are just becoming better communicators or if this flow is just something that I feel because I love dancing. :)

What I believe is that it has something to do with the electronic composer!

I think the communicative aid of the electronic algorithm is HELPING us play in the same chord.

Of course we have to scrutinize the advice and influence of everything and everyone...

but maybe we can also trust our smart devices and AI's to have the global best interest at heart?

Who knows… maybe they are better at making music than us.

Have you listened to artificially composed music?

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