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Are You Scared of Artificial Intelligence?

I wake up and my first instinct is to reach for the screen - this portal with light set at the right frequency for happiness.

It will bring me news, entertainment, comfort for my ego and design for my life. It will connect me to everyone in my life… or at least it will connect me to their little portals of reflection. I will be connected to their representations.

It is my prize possession and I feel a little at a loss without it.

It helps me workout my life. You Know? Organize all of the endless details and work out what is really important.

Sometimes I like to play a game where I will resist picking it up for as long as I can after I wake up. Just waiting for that pleasant moment when I will get to hold it and find out all of the wonderful things that were happening while I was sleeping…

But I never make it very far past 10am.

And why should I? This little guy is my friend! More than this, it is my property! I have a right to gaze into its light for as long as I desire. I have a right to be informed.

I am in control.

I am also in love… but this is a love that I can keep a grip of.

I prefer it to the regular variety of love. People can be so demanding where screens make me feel justified and validated about the requests and questions that I ask.

I definitely prefer it!

I, more so, I can use it to meet new people! Stay in contact with old friends or even book and organize flights to go and see the people I know.

You see? It is my portal!

It is my very special friend - my intelligence! I even feel smarter when I hold it in my hand. Not just because it can answer my questions and tell me how to solve problems. (People can always tell when you have googled the answer). No, I feel smarter because I am not scared of not knowing!

I am not reliant on another person or a book or a complex outside world to give me answers. Everything I need to know is in my hand – and it asks for nothing in return. It asks for nothing because it is mine…

My beautiful AI.

My light and my second mind.

Some people are scared of AI. Scared of it taking over our lives or even trying to dominate us.

To them, I just laugh. “There is nothing to be afraid of” I say to them. “The AI already has!”

Now isn’t that better?

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