Esmeralda face.jpg

Esmeralda Nikolajeff: Performer


When I was asked at the age of two what I wanted to become when I grew up I answered "an aerial acrobat"! It surprised people that a small person like me even knew that word. Climbing onto the highest furnitures and throwing myself to whoever was there to catch me, I fast became a flyer and since the age of five I've been playing around in the circus environment. Now I've been working with my catcher Mira for 12 years, developing an explosive duo-trapeze technique that includes a lot of action, a lot of throwing and mostly a lot of catching. Throughout the years we've been traveling around Europe, performing in all kinds of scenarios, meeting many different people. Each experience reinforced my conviction that the two year old in me made a good decision; this open world of circus with a constant need for development is a world that I want to be part of.